Saturday, April 28, 2012

Starting Over

Starting Over
          Last Sunday I taught children's church and missed the sermon. I went back a few weeks into my sketchbook for this one from Evan Westburg. His theme was about starting over.
          One of his illustrations was a story of Peter. The disciple known for jumping in without thinking. For reacting first and not always getting it right. In other words he had no filter. What came into his mind came out his mouth, or into action. No, "Let's think about this first."
          Jesus foretold that Peter would deny him three times before the cock crowed. Peter knew he wouldn't. No he couldn't. But he did. After Jesus had been arrested Peter sat by a fire outside the palace of the high priests. Three times someone came to Peter and asked, "Aren't you one of Jesus disciples?" Three times he denied he knew Jesus. As the cock crowed Peter wept bitterly.
          After Jesus rose from the dead He walked along the shore where the disciples were fishing. When Peter realized he saw Jesus he dove into the water and didn't even wait for the boat to get there. This is where, over a blazing fire as their fish cooked, Jesus asked Peter if he loved Him.  Peter answered that of course he did. Jesus said "Then feed my sheep." This Jesus repeated three times. Jesus gave Peter the chance to start over. To forget his mistakes, be forgiven, and begin again.

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