Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Split

The split
          Pastor Greg Ralston’s sermon covered the times when the Jewish nation was split in two. Solomon had not kept his word to Jehovah and allowed the worship of other gods. The next king in line decided to continue to overburden his people with taxes. So the people rebelled and most of the country split off. Before this happened God told His prophets this was about to happen. God split the nation into ten tribes and these became Israel.  The tribes of Benjamin and Judah became Judah.
          Greg told about the history of the event. Then he went into how we have splits in our churches and denominations. Some split over very petty things, some over things that cannot be ignored.
          But the point is that somehow the work of God keeps moving forward in a way that most cannot explain. God has a plan even when everything seems to be falling in around us. Barnabas and Paul split up and God turned it into good. Churches split and God still uses the people. Friends split, but God does not abandon them.
          In other words, in spite of what humans do, God doesn't give up.

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