Wednesday, March 13, 2013


          This is one of my favorite stories. An orphaned girl named Hadassah was adopted by her cousin (some say uncle) Mordecai. He raised her in the Jewish faith. But the King, looking for a wife, picked her to be his queen.
          In the palace she had every comfort and the latest beauty treatments.  Her uncle, strong minded and faithful to God, refused to bow to a man named Hamond. Hamond was angry and devised a plot to have the king make an order that all the Jews would be killed including, of course, Mordecai.
Esther had not let anyone know of her heritage. Her servants told her that Mordecai had put on a sack cloth and was tearing his clothes in great mourning. Esther sent a servant to see what was wrong and to bring him new clothes.
          Mordecai refused the clothes and let Esther know about the plot. She was afraid to go to the king if he had not summoned her. It could mean her death.
          But here is where it gets good. She decides to pray and fast for three days. Then she allowed the results to be in God’s hands. She said after the time of prayer she would go to the king, and if she dies, she dies.
          I love this kind of trust and courage. Wow! I need this. To be able to trust that God has put you right where you need to be, even if you can’t be certain of a perfect outcome for you own self.  To still step out into the unknown and do what is right.
          The king listens to Esther, and Hamond is punished. Mordecai even gets to be Hamond’s replacement.
          How great is that?

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