Friday, December 6, 2013

When God Sends An Angel

Message From God

God sent an angel to Mary. Not an automatic email or a form letter. He wanted Mary to know it came personally from His hand. Mary responded at first with questions. "How can this be?" Even the brilliance of an angel's visit did not stop her from needing more information, with such a huge task before her. 

But Mary's final response was one of total trust and faith. "May it be to me as you have said." 

When God sends you a message how do you respond? Okay, maybe not from an angel but perhaps a verse, a circumstance, or a strong urgent feeling that you know is from God. Fear can keep us from taking on the task, because it often can be something far beyond our present capabilities. Take in what is being said or felt with fervent attention. Asking questions is okay, but the final response should always be reception, trust, and obedience, 

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  1. I have always loved your drawings and appreciated your spiritual insights. What a wonderful way to clue your mind and heart into the Sunday sermon.