Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Heart to Heart

Heart to Heart
One heart for God, leads another to Jesus. That one leads another. Pastors to congregations, parents to children, children to friends, and even children to parents. Along the line some become leaders with a target on their back. 

Have you seen the sites that blast today's leaders in Christ? If a person is in any way public about their views, someone will have an opinion about them. And believe me, those things can be quite a stretch. One is credited to maintain that heaven is closed to Jews. Another person is called unattractive and embarrassing. Really? Others are declared mystics, or preaching doctrines of demons. These quotes are about well established, sincere, and trust worthy ministers. Even Billy Graham has had his share of quotes taken out of context, and his name smeared.

How about in your own church? How do you treat your leaders? If they don't agree with you on an area like music, finances, or structure do you rant to others? Or worse yet, not go to them to discuss it, but leave for another place of imperfection? 

How can churches grow if we keep flipping through the revolving doors in a never ending search for perfection? 

There have been times when I have been misjudged, accused, and mistreated outrageously by a church body. One resulted in a young teen losing her life. But I did not leave that church. They were my family. My commitment ruled over my need to be right. 

One time my Dad fought his church leaders to have some apartments on the church property refurbished and rented out. Making this a place of low rent for those in need and helping the finances of our little church. The meetings were held, the discussions heart felt as each side plead their case. My Dad held his own, but in the end the vote did not go his way. 

At the very next meeting they called for volunteers to help demo the property. Everyone was astonished when my Dad raised his hand to lead the project. I asked him later, why? He said, "I said my peace. They voted it down. It's my job to support whatever is decided."    

Paul tells the Corinthians not to make rash judgement about people, but wait until Jesus comes. He will bring light into the situation. Only God knows the motive of the heart. If anyone judged Paul, though he knew he was not without mistakes, he would take God's judgement, not others. 

But be encouraged, leaders! God knows you hearts. And after all, what really matters what the Father says about you! Amen?

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  1. I agree. We need to support our church leaders at all times. When there is a disagreement, you need to go to the leader(s) and try to work it out. Most of the time I suspect you'll find them willing to listen and try to work toward a solution. In some extreme cases, maybe a solution isn't possible, but you have to try first.