Saturday, August 30, 2014



What practical advise the Bible can give. At times I am amazed. Here Paul does not say, "Give to God." He says here are practical ways to do so. Such as don't wait for when the need to give money arrives. Then reach in your pocket to give the change that has been left over. Set some aside ahead of time. Make sure you have a supply to give. He asks us to give to the gospel and give the gospel. In other words, give resources to help get the gospel out there, and also do the work yourselves. Giving time and talent, caring and  listening, being aware of those around you that need your help, that need to hear the gospel.

Honor Leaders

It is all too easy to complain, and discourage those we have chosen to give us direction. Sitting on the bleachers it can be tempting to yell at the umpire and second guess his choice. We can let our feelings be heard, but then trust that God is leading through these servants of God. Yes, not our servants, God's.

Above are two different versions of the same picture. They show the many hands of the church working together to create the beauty of the Gospel.

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