Thursday, July 7, 2016

Fabric of Our Lives

Fabric of our Lives
Our lives may have episodes that are woven with patterns of grief, drudgery, and tears. Times when others may want you to sing the happy songs, but you can't. Like when Israel was enslaved in Babylon. Their captors  wanted to hear them sing their beautiful songs of old. But they answered how can we sing in a foreign land?

Maybe the design that runs through your life is hard and sharp, heavy and monotonous. But interspersed  in the cloth God can break through the fabric and punch holes of joy, hope, and new songs to sing.  He can restore our strength and encourage us through the hard times. He is able to bring peace in the midst of conflict, and most of all hope for better times to come. 

For those who weep through the night, joy comes in the morning!

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