Saturday, May 26, 2012

Connected Through Christ

Connected Through Christ
          When I attended the Racial Righteousness Conference held at the Relevant Word Church a few months ago I drew this flower. This event brought together people from all four of the Covenant Churches here in Colorado Springs. We had Relevant Word,  Iglesia Cristiana Getsemani, Faith Covenant, and Living Hope Covenant. We were people of different races, ages, and cultures. But we were all connected by Christ.
          Months later, last Sunday, we reunited again. This time at my church, Living Hope Covenant. Pastor Naas, from Faith Covenant preached. Low and behold he spoke about being connected. His take was that all of us have many different interests and activities in our lives, but Christ needs to be at the center of them all.
          I think this flower tells both stories. One is that we are united as a people through the love of Jesus. We are one in Christ. What a beautiful bouquet of flowers we were!
          Second is that in each area of our lives, school, jobs, sports, hobbies, God is there. He should be the constant connection. Don't categorize your life and leave God out of a portion of your time. He should be your center, connecting each piece together like the petals of a flower. 

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