Saturday, May 19, 2012

God Gifts

God Gifts
          Pastor Greg Ralston spoke on God gifts. No, not on all those wonderful things God gives us.  All those blessings we keep counting, and then lose track of. That is a whole other sermon of its own.
          This is what we NEED to give God. Hurts that are sometimes hidden deep in out spirit. Other gifts burst out in uncontrolled joy. Or there are things we've forgotten we've already given Him and take back, like our fears.  The list goes on.
          So, that is what I did. I made a list with my drawing. I made a picture of my gift and then drew on the wrapping every piece of my life I knew I needed to give to God.  For Him to use, throw out,  take joy in, or put under His control. As I drew and wrote down these gifts I received peace, inspiration, and strength. You may not even be able to read all the things I put down, but that's okay. The gift isn't for you.
          Make a list for yourself. You don't have to draw it, but you can if you want. Remember God is always ready to give, and receive. 

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