Saturday, June 30, 2012

The One Thing

The One Thing

     Do you have one thing? I mean the one thing, the spark that keeps you going in life?

Last Sunday Dan Danielson, former Covenant Army Chaplain, spoke at Living Hope Covenant Church. His message was titled The One Thing. What is the one passionate, love of our life, that one thing that makes life worth living?

     Dan brought in the story of King David. David loved God and being in His presence. It was his most loved thing. He’d rather spend one day in God’s courts than a thousand elsewhere. When repenting of sin he cried to God in Psalm 51:11(NIV)”Do not cast me from your presence or take your Holy Spirit from me.”

     This brought to my mind a song from contemporary singers Shane and Shane. Their song is called Without You:

I can walk through the storm
I can walk by faith when my sight is gone
Just as long as you are there with me
And I can gain everything
But what do I have if I don’t have the King?
Oh, I need to know you are here with me

If your presence goes, I don’t wanna stay.
If your presence stays, I don’t wanna go.
I need you.

God’s is always there. But when you decide to stop and concentrate on Him you can experience being near to God, aware of Him. It’s not about the place it’s the presence of God that matters. You could be somewhere still enough to listen to His words, or loud enough to send Him shouts of praise. This is where we connect with the heart, mind, and spirit to a passionate God.

The church building isn’t a magical spot where God is kept. Don’t leave Him there after Sunday service. Spend quality time worshiping Him throughout your day, and be used by Him in mercy, justice, and love. Be in His presence.

Wait! Stop! Don’t use this as an excuse for not going to church. God’s word is very specific about wanting us to meet together. We NEED each other. Church is a place for encouragement, inspiration, learning, and accountability. If you want to grow stronger in faith, closer to God, and wiser in your decisions then fellowshiping with others is where you need to be.


  1. Great post. When we step back and spend quality time with God it contributes to our time in community. Sometimes we need special spots to help us find Him in our daily lives; at home, at church, or wherever we go.

    1. Thanks, Todd. Greg preached on that this Sunday. About having a special, familiar place to go and be with God. He mentioned this because of the people that lost their homes this week. That they may have lost more than just stuff.