Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Picture of Prayer

Picture of Prayer
     Living Hope Covenant Church is doing a program called 40 Days of Prayer. Pastor Greg Ralston preached on the subject.
     Have you ever tried to draw prayer? That’s what this week’s picture is. My picture is of what praying looks like to me. Notice the exact place where the prayer is taking place isn’t made known. I am often unaware of my surroundings when I am in deep prayer. Not a good time to be driving when doing this kind of God communication. Although, I’ve found that the most beautiful places, that would seem to give the most inspiration, can be a distraction when it’s time to get down to business.
When I pray thoughts, feelings, and requests can float in and out, back and forth. I’m not a linier thinker, and my prayers often reflect that. There can be a total wash of God’s presence, or no feeling at all. The times with no emotional response often turns out to be the most productive. Later in the day or week is when I notice the change in me that I needed, or the prayer answered. I think that is God showing me it’s not about my emotions. It’s about a real God, getting things done.
     Anyway, here is the website for the 40 days of Prayer, if you are interested in strengthening your prayer life.

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