Wednesday, September 12, 2012

When Did We See You?

When Did We See You?
          This sermon, preached by Greg Ralston, came just after he spent time with his parents, helping his mother move into a nursing home. It allowed him to remember the commandments about honoring our parents, and how we treat each other is how we want to be treated. His daughters tease him about, “Be nice to me. I will choose your nursing home.”
          In Matthew 25:31-36 Jesus talks about heaven and how The Son of Man, Jesus, will separate those that really knew God, from those that just said they did.  Some come feeling certain they will be recognized right away. But God doesn’t know them.  Others God know does know immediately. Why?
He tells them they gave Him water when He was thirsty, food when He was hungry, clothes and a home when needed. The others did not. Both were confused. Jesus said whenever you have done these things for someone in need, you have done it for me.
This made me think what would we do if we truly saw Jesus in the sick bed, on the street destitute, or in prison? Maybe we would act quicker, think about it less, and reach out more. 

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