Monday, October 15, 2012

No Other Gods

No Other Gods
          As Pastor Greg spoke about God’s commandment “have no other god’s before me,” in my mind I could see a cleared path leading to the Almighty. Pushed to both sides are the things that have taken over my thoughts and time in front of God. A lot of these things are good in themselves, even wonderful, but if they get in the way of God being the center of our lives then we have an idol. 
          If worrying about your children takes over from the trust you have in God, then you need to give them over to Him. Praise God for what He has planned for them, and trust. He really cares more about them than even you do, anyway.
If church ministry prevents you from spending alone time with God, then you need to put it in its place.
Even pain can take over your mind, filling it with negativity and depression. Actively pushing these thoughts aside may take great effort. Get others to help by praying for you.  
There are so many things that take your eyes off of God. Push them out of the way with a purposeful shove. God is a jealous god. Not jealous of other gods, gods that don’t even exist, but jealous for you, in wanting you to experience the very best of the love and care He wants to give you.

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