Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The Gospel Tree

The Gospel Tree
          For the month of December our pastors Greg Ralston and Evan Westburg preached on the gospel of how to come to, and follow, Jesus. They preached on how God has a plan for us, that we are separated from Him through sin, that God made a way for us to come to Him through His Son, and that we must, not just believe in, but accept this gift. No one else can do it for us. Since they used a Christmas theme I made a Christmas tree that held this message. I added to the tree each week.
          Here is the finished Gospel Tree. Also, here is something my oldest son Todd wrote recently, and I think it fits here.
The Story of My Foolish Faith
By Todd Spieker

I am a fool
I believe that this infinite, complex, ancient universe has a beginning.
I believe that it has a beginner
A first Word, and a last one.

But when I look outside the world is broken.
Yet we yearn for wholeness
Death is our constant companion.
Yet we cling to life
Look outside and you will see evil winning and good losing.
The heroes die and the good FAIL.

I believe that Once the God of light entered this dark world.
This light that built the world lived in it.
He set aside his strength and put on weakness and humanity.
The creator became his broken creation.

He came to turn all people back towards God, back towards the author of all life.
came for the forgotten, the outcast, the poor, and the weak.
came to help those alone in a dark world

at first it seemed like the darkness won.
He was abandoned by his friends, and condemned by those who claimed to serve his father.
He died, alone, outcast, poor, and weak just like those he came for.
And as he lay cold and dead in a dark tomb, his followers scattered.

But that is not the end of the story.
No, when his followers came his body was gone.

They saw him again,
Not dead, alive.
The light, this light that entered the world was not extinguished.
The darkness did not overcome him

Three days later He lived,
The grave could not hold him.
This Lord, this light, the same God who made us

This God calls us to die like him.
To die to our darkness,
to be raised new in his light.
To live as his agents of restoration

This is his plan
This is how he sets it right

I die in order to live.
I surrender to be set free.
My faith is a paradox, where the last is first and the greatest died for the least.

But this God is not happy with just me.
This God loves his creation.
This God died for his creation.
This God rose for his creation.
This God won’t rest until his creation is whole.

This God seeks his people like a poor woman searches for a lost coin
Like a shepherd for a lost sheep
Because we are his prized possession.

This God is the one who calls me.
The one who called me, when I was selfish and cruel and evil
I believe this God calls you

Come be a fool.

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