Saturday, December 27, 2014

Choose Life

Choose Life
Among the cheery greetings of the season, and fights over what they should sound like, are souls that hurt and are discouraged. Feelings of loss and loneliness can discolor the red and green lights that shine in the malls and glitter in front of houses. This season Pastor Greg preached on why suicide should not be the answer. Also, if it was for a loved one of yours, how there is still hope in the loss. 

In the picture above Greg says "God is with us." Even when all is hopeless, to choose life. The picture below shows that God sent us His son and reveals to us a reason for hope, He pours His love down from above. We may feel lost in the grief, or fear, and it is hard to see it right at that time, but be assured it is there. God sends us His Son, and sends His love. Don't give up. Don't end it. Seek God, because "God is with us." He is with YOU.

If someone you know has already chosen this path Greg gives us hope. When anyone faces  judgement we can know that God is a just God. He will take everything into consideration. He will look at what the law is. Did we break the law? Did we know it was a law? Did we understand it was wrong? Then if we have given our control and submission to Jesus in life, at the time of that surrender He took all sins, past and future. At judgement He will stand with us and say, "This one is mine. Forgiven and made righteous through my sacrifice. Allow him to enter into our Love."  

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