Thursday, May 14, 2015

Consider This

Not a Ghost
Jesus felt pain. He skinned his knees as a child. He was annoyed by his little brother. He was flesh and blood. The historians Josephus and Tacitus, from that day and time, wrote about the man Jesus. If you believe what other historians have written, why not this? 


As a believer in the Bible I listen to what the word says about Jesus life, death, and resurrection. Were there witnesses to his death? Yes, many. Did he appear to anyone after He rose? Yes, individuals and crowds of people. Personal, one on one conversations, and joyous celebrations with close friends. He didn't just appear in a vapor. He ate with them, If He was lying about who He was, what an incredibly elaborate plan to prove it. To  arrange for Himself to be crucified and die, and have his disciples steal his body?You'd have to be pretty committed to that lie. 

He was the first fruit of a resurrection that we can all experience someday. 

He died, was buried, and rose again. This is the gospel. The good news. That God killed evil, and made a way for each of us to decide are with God? Or not? 

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