Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Spiritual Fitbit

Spiritual Fitbit
It's the end of casual Christianity. Isn't that terrific? 

Sometimes only a sentence or two of a sermon strikes me and the sketch comes to life. When Pastor Greg spoke about viewing that race that lays before us, he used Paul's illustration. Paul wanted to inspire us to put effort and  heart into our growth as Christians, in the way an athlete trains and pushes hard to win in a race. But I saw this in modern terms. Many of us have taken up the call to fitness by using a device called a Fitbit. 

If you own a Fitbit you know they include a homepage called a dashboard. It is here that you keep track of you progress. At first I filled this spiritual Fitbit with all the things I knew I should be doing to strengthen my walk. Then I listened to Pastor Todd's sermon on the Soundcloud.  He reminded me we should not think our Christian walk is about doing all the "right" things. That we should be inspired to follow Jesus so closely that the dust from his feet, will cover our clothes. This reminds me of watching a three year old copy every move, quirky mannerism, and favorite expressions that his dad or big brother is making. 

In light of this, I changed the boxes to read the things that we can gain from following Jesus. The help we can get and where we can get it. We live in a time where the casual Christian is losing ground. It may feel like Christianity is dying in America, because there are fewer people claiming the title. But the reality is that people are learning to be the truth instead of shouting it at others. We are not satisfied to sit in a pew and simply be entertained. Hurray!!

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