Monday, February 1, 2016

Church is not a Pew

Church is not a Pew

When you hear the word church, what do you think of? A small white building with a steeple? Or a large stained glass cathedral? Maybe a sanctuary filled with people singing Amazing Grace, or a man up front preaching on verses. Quiet men and women with bowed heads sitting in pews. 

That seems to be what we see on television. But that's just the surface. Take my little church for example. We're a family. We work hard together, share, eat, and play together. Currently we are helping a member to buy life or death medicine. We have a standing unofficial group of Living Hope movers. That includes anyone with mobility, time, and desire to help friends move in or out of the their abode. We give car service to those needing rides to doctor appointments. Food for when people are laid up, or a new born in the home. We also reach out to the neighborhood and across the world.

If you've never realized churches can be a body, a community, an organism rather then a big organization, I'm here to tell you they can. Not perfect. Not without fault, but a community of people that are striving to live like Jesus, love like Jesus. We want to "be" the church, not once a week pew warmers. 

And with our God's help, we will!  

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