Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The Light by Which I See

The Light by which I See

The Bible is like a flashlight. A lamp. It guides my steps. Sometimes the light is only for one step at a time. I am absolutely gobsmacked at how often the words and phrases fit my needs. Not just rules, but encouragement, hope, how to deal with the future and the world around me. When I can put out my anxious fears like ice on a matchstick, why wouldn't I hold this book close?

The Bible tells the story of the gospel of Jesus Christ (the good news.) Throughout Old and New Testaments His death, resurrection, and fulfillment of the covenant is embedded through prophesy and witnesses from that day and time. 

But it also tells us how God interacts with man, through his encounters with Noah, Moses, Abraham, and David.  How He longs to be an active player in our lives. His message is clear. Don't be afraid, have hope, serve with passion, and be ready to receive His extravagant love.

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