Thursday, June 9, 2016



A few weeks ago Todd Spieker preached a sermon for his confirmation class. The one he taught, not the one he graduated from. They were celebrating having finished the course. Todd went back to his childhood and brought out a memory that those from Colorado Springs can relate to. It is that when you hear the sound of jets overhead and the Thunderbirds are literally thundering in the sky that summer is at hand. The cadets at the Air Force Academy are graduating. 

Then he told them something I hadn't even known about. That the night before their graduation the cadets received their commissions. Their new title and the places they will serve. Because, unlike other schools and colleges, this is not an ending, but a beginning. They are not stopping and putting away books and lessons to seek out a new course. They will be just beginning to use all they had learned.

Todd's confirmed students need to see this as their beginning. Not a time to quit reading their Bibles, going to church, or to stop stretching their faith, but now is the time to BEGIN!

Keep going, Don't stop, start, never finish, go, go , GO!

Be strong and courageous.

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