Saturday, August 5, 2017

Come on Christians!

Come on Christians!

This wrinkled one is from a long time ago. But I recently looked at it and was inspired to write this poem. There is lot going on in the sketch. I hope it all makes sense and inspires you!

Come on Christians!

Come on Christians, we've got to move.
We have to allow ourselves to be used.
How is it we don't mind a mission trip 
for a week or two,
But we don't want the needy 
to come here, too?

Dear Jesus, take our blinders off. 
Relieve our worries of invasion, 
violence, and of being conned.
Make passionate compassion, 
and giving love be relied upon.

Remove our blinders and help us to see,
Being a Christian is not about me.
Lord, when were you hungry, 
thirsty, in need?
When did we help you be freed?
"When you forsook country, 
kin, and political party,
and sacrificed for felons, destitute, 
and feared refugees. 
Yes, that's right ...
                          That was me."


  1. Hello Ms. Spieker, please, I have a question: How can you use art to teach elementary school children about God and Christian theology? In other words, is there an art curriculum that instructs children (elementary school) in the knowledge of God? If not, how would you suggest that one goes about doing this? Thanks so much!

  2. Hi, so sorry, I just now saw your comment. I haven't heard of an art curriculum that that teaches about God. But I think there are many ways art can be used for this. You could use it to illustrate God being creative and has given this skill to us. Herve Tullet has written some great books for young children to learn to be creative. Have kids draw out verses or Bible stories in the same way I illustrate the sermons. Also, as a way of using God's directing us to encourage others, our church kids have painted rocks to decorate our prayer path behind the church. It was meant for decoration, but I was surprised when neighbors took the stones home. What a compliment! I hope this has given you some ideas. Also, Google your question. You never know. Thanks, for asking. God Bless!