Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Ambassadors for Christ

                                                     Ambassadors for Christ
As Christians we hold a high calling. Ambassadors for Christ. How serious do we take this commendation? Jesus calls us to minister to hearts and reach into lives that need His touch. Ones who have not heard, not understood, or failed to grasp their need for God. He has given us tools and each can be used at different times or all at once. These tools are prayer, our words, our love, and actions. But it's not us that creates this event. Our friend's heart is still in Jesus hands. He calls, He woos, it is Jesus that pours out love that cannot be matched.

This sermon was given by the superintendent of our Midwest Covenant Conference, last year. I just noticed that it was from 1 Corinthians but couldn't place where in Corinthians. So, I placed it here, in the middle of this series on Corinthians. I hope it inspires you for just the right moment.


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