Saturday, May 31, 2014

Body of the Church

1 Corinthians 12
Have you ever stubbed your toe? Such a small piece of our bodies, yet it can demand the attention of every other part when it's injured. This chapter in Corinthians helps us understand the importance of each member of the body in the church. Reading the scripture itself tells the message best and needs little help from me.

However, this sketch is my interpretation of the body of my little church, Living Hope Covenant Church. Each limb and digit using the Spirit of God to hold together and do ministry. I could say I made her a woman because the church is called the bride of Christ. But really I liked having the long hair to work with.  Her skin color, eyes and hair color, even the size and proportion of feet and hands, show that she is made up of a diverse group. She is most useful when every limb is in working order and no part is swollen beyond its proper proportioned size. It can be crippling when a hand decides to leave us, or a thumb wants control a foot. But we pull together and allow God to recreate a missing part or to crack us into alignment like a divine chiropractor. 

Hmmm, did I go too far? Well, I hope this helped you see this chapter in a more visual way. God Bless.

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