Friday, May 30, 2014

Give Me My Rights!

1 Corinthians 9

Many Christian Americans have decided that we are in a fight for our rights. Our freedom of religion, of speech, our right not to be offended, to be able to have our say, as often as we can, about how the rest of the world should behave. Paul on the other hand took a different tact. He gave up his rights to Jesus. He would rather put up with anything than be an obstacle to the gospel. Paul would be a slave to people. He would become weak to share with the weak, He never demanded his rights in order to preach. Paul walked up beside those he disagreed with to become like, or equal, with them, in order to relate the gospel. Not to become "holier than thou" as the saying goes. 

Think of all the hot spot, touchy subjects that separates people. Can we approach these areas with more love and less hostility? Can we make sure our own ideology is in line with how Jesus taught us and not what we might think should be fair? 

What if instead of fighting against the "secular world" we fought for them. Maybe the fight isn't a matter of us being treated as we think we deserve, but fighting to love, listen, and pray for broken people and the starving hearts we touch everyday. We don't like being pushed around. I get that. But if someone tries to steal a wallet instead of brandishing a gun, doesn't God want us to give them our ipad, too? I think so. I've seen posts on Facebook to "like" if we want prayer or the ten commandments back in public schools. I would rather have the Christians back in public school. Christians, not demanding they be allowed to talk their religion, but to be courageously living their Christianity. With as much love and sacrifice as God will allow them to make.

If there is a war to be fought maybe it is with our own selves as we strive to be more humble, more willing to sacrifice our pride, and to risk being vulnerable in  world that needs Jesus, not our opinions.

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