Wednesday, September 2, 2015

No Condemnation

No Condemnation
This summer Pastor Greg has been teaching on Romans 8:1. "Therefore there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus." So, what does that look like from my sketch pen? Well, one way is to remind us that as Christians we don't need to carry the burdens of our past mistakes, sins, and fears. Many of us still carry them on our backs in the form of guilt, worry, and striving with our own strength. We are fighting a war that has already been won.

We need to throw off the heaviness of fearing that any moment God will say, enough, you've gone too far. You've lost my love. God does not stop just short of your sin, sister. You are not the one that God says, nope can't do it, brother.  Remind yourself daily about His unfailing love. Don't lecture yourself about how this was not good enough, or that sin too evil for God to demolish. 

Put your mind on Him. Seek out holiness. What does holiness look like? Singer/song writer, Rich Mullen says we need to come to the place where we are not even tempted by sin. Where we are not trying to white knuckle our nature into obeying. We can walk past sin and not be affected by its pull. 

Wow, how do we do that? When we become so close to Jesus we couldn't even think of betraying Him. That's freedom. That's peace. 

Start by quitting, and begin resting in His strength, not yours. 

            "For the the law of the Spirit has done away with the law of 
                                                                                                     and DEATH.
                           For what man could not do, because human nature is weak,
                                                                                                                           GOD DID!
                      He came with a nature, like man's nature, to do away with
                                                         SIN and DEATH!

And how do we get that close to God? More sketches to come. 

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