Saturday, January 9, 2016

Fisher's of men

Fishers of Men
I love this story. Where Jesus answers the fisherman's needs, then calls them to leave it all behind. After fishing all night and catching nothing, these men were tired and fed up. Jesus came and told them to cast the nets into the water. Obeying Jesus, they cast the net and there were so many fish they could barley get them in the boat. Then what does our Lord ask?

"Okay, now that you've seen what I can do, leave it all and follow me to become fisher of men."

They dropped their nets, left the valuable fish that was caught, and went off with Jesus. That could have been the bigger miracle. So, God wants us to "catch" people. To bring them into His boat. What nets should we use? Debating about presidents? Refusing help to anyone that disagrees with us? Standing up for our rights, at the destruction of others? Maybe parsing words about which lives matter. Maybe making sure first they understand what side of the political isle to be on.

This is what I hope my net is made of: love, no judging, willing to listen, seeing potential, starting small but starting, priority is the person, bring comfort, shine the light that the darkness cannot overcome. 

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