Friday, January 8, 2016

Meet Me at the Well

Women at the Well
"How can you a Jewish man speak to me, a Samaritan woman?" When Jesus asked for a drink from this woman she was floored. Not only did men not chat with strange woman, but never a Jew to a Samaritan. In particular this woman who had a hard time getting friends for her children among her own people. The so called good and righteous ones had cloistered themselves into a click that she could never have broken into. Yet she was the one most in need of love.

Our church and christian clicks are still strong to this day. We huddle together in Bible Studies, and church pews. Events that use to be for anyone often have the added "Christian" label slapped to it. After all we want our children to have good influences, right? 

We have to step away from the comfort of what we know, step out of our holy huddles, and spend some time at the water well. Make friends, share your story, love, listen and care the way Jesus did.. 

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